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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Best Fashion Photography Blogs

As I was searching the net looking to share a few interesting information about fashion and photography, I came across these guys fashion photography blogs

I found many of their advice and blogs very useful; here is a good example of one of them:

  • I love these guys! I keep up on the latest trends in the fashion industry, which is SO important as a fashion photographer, with their latest posts. The thing I love about is their writers! This is not your average, run of the mill, dry and bland fashion news reporting. I do not know any of their staff but I can tell that they love their jobs, they LOVE fashion and they know their shit! I trust their input and their feedback. They weed out the useless boring updates and inform on only what really needs to be reported on.
  • Personally, folks, this site is where I find out what all the designers are doing. When I hear a stylist suggest a designer, say, Gareth Pugh, and I can’t bring a visual picture into my head of what Gareth has done, I go to, enter Gareth Pugh in the search window and then click on all of Gareth’s shows. It’s a very useful resource site to find any designer and their collections. Important when communicating with your stylists and editors.
  • Okay, I know Sean McCormack through Twitter, but this guy runs the most comprehensive and informative site on lightroom out there. And he’s been doing it for a few years. While I save the real digital tech stuff to my pro team, don’t think for a minute that I turn a blind eye to all of it. Of course not, I sneak and read what I can on the digital medium. This site lays it out so well that even someone like me who sort of still resists digital can navigate my way around the site and find information that actually makes sense and helps me.
  • Otherwise known as Digital Photography School. It’s a full blown information HEAVY site for all things digital photography. How to shoot better portraits, how to market your wedding photography business, how to use photoshop plug ins. I mean, you want to know about anything digital photography, go there. I visit this site just to learn MORE about my medium. It’s constantly about learning! It never ends. is a great resource for learning!
  • This site has everything! It’s Super Information Fashion Highway. Seriously I don’t know why I’m listing them, they refuse to link to my blog, but hey, I’m being honest here. They have links upon links. To magazines, blogs, designers, books, modeling agencies, fashion weeks around the world, photo reps, etc. etc. They really are a great library of sites for fashion photography and it’s business.
  • Another great site chock full of information on digital post production. Brandon covers everything from best tips for archiving to the latest photoshop feature and getting around the complexity of it all. Brandon is a virtual friend. We have never met but I wouldn’t endorse a site that I didn’t believe in as well. I visit plenty of websites, I don’t need to share them all.

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